SMR TECHNOLOGIES BHD (SMRT) was incorporated on 14 July 2004. Presently, SMRT is an investment holding company and has a wholly-owned subsidiary, namely SMRHRT. SMR HR TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD (SMRHRT) was incorporated on 26 January 2001.

The company through its wholly owned subsidiary, SMRHRT, focuses on HR competency and performance management solutions, web based on-line learning facility and HR outsourcing services that operate on the HRDPower™ software system which was created by Dr. Palan.

The SMRT Group which strives on human capital development and the provision of a comprehensive range of HR competency and performance management solutions and related services including web based on-line learning and HR outsourcing services thus providing niche products for a niche market which is essentially concerned with workforce performance management. SMRT is thus unlike other HR solution providers who mainly focus on operational HR matters such as payroll and time keeping. As the other software houses develop software that addresses HRM issues, the SMRT Group instead focuses on HRD, competency and performance. Thus, the SMRT Group’s products reach a niche and selected market. Though the software is required by a particular division i.e. Human Resources Development division, it affects the entire organisation through the workforce performance management. The specialised nature of HRDPower™complements rather than competes with the other HRM products.


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