Effective Learning

By: Dr. R. Palan, Chairman & CEO of SMR Group 

How do we get learning to take place in a most effective manner?
Just list a few:

  • Good Schools
  • Good Teachers
  • Action Learning
  • Experiential Education
  • Adventure Learning
  • E Learning
  • Instructor led Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Accelerated Learning
  • FUN learning

We can go on discussing the various ideas proposed. Over the weekend I was rewriting my book The Magic of Making Training FUN! and as I was surfing the internet, I was overwhelmed by the amount of literature available out there. The bottom line still seems to focus on Attention, Participation, Retention and of course Transfer of learning.

Education Queensland highlights five principles:

In essence, the principles emphasise the need to:

  • understand the learner;
  • understand the learning process;
  • provide a supportive and challenging environment;
  • establish worthwhile learning partnerships;
  • shape and respond to, a variety of social and cultural contexts.

Let us explore these in the next couple of blogs.

How do we develop people into clever people?

Is Learning a worthwhile intervention?


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