How to stay calm when under pressure?

By: Dr. R. Palan, Chairman & CEO of SMR Group 

The answer is EQ.

When you bring intelligence to your emotion, it is known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Emotional Intelligence is often rated as the single most important differentiator for success in a highly competitive world. It is far more important than IQ – intelligence quotient. More importantly, EQ can be learned.

We from the SMR Group had the honour of having dinner with the Honourable Secretary of Energy from the Philippines. To him, the entire day was a compact day. He said that with a smile. Speaking at several high profile events and meeting top diplomats had not put him under pressure. The sense of humour, he displayed was infectious. I loved his lines when he remarked in jest – “if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance. Then baffle them with bullshit.” Laughter is indeed a great influencing tool.

I relate this as I have had a packed day and have another packed few days. I am just about to collapse into bed late at night – past 130 am. Just imagine how well you can sleep if you continue to think of your flight the next morning.

Today was one of the days when the battery for my mobile phone decided to play funny and I was stranded without my mobile phone. In a world where I get extremely stressed without my mobile phone, I was relaxed. The public phone and the public transport – the train were pretty good too.

Today was a day when some of our vendors behaved like customers. They expected us to behave like a vendor and meet their needs rather then they meet our needs. Today was a day when I wanted some of my colleagues to do something and they didn’t. Normally I would get a little impatient, albeit in a nice way. Today I was able to communicate my thoughts in a straight and objective manner. The world is strange place. Sanity is an important thing to survive in this complex world.

I suppose you only worry when you can do something about it. EQ is more important than IQ. Surprisingly, I was and am sane the whole day despite severe time pressures.

My wife says these things happen to you when you are ageing.

I thought differently. The Honourable Secretary of Energy from the Philippines was a great role model for me.

Oh boy! That is cool, right but I certainly do not want another such packed day to demonstrate my emotional intelligence.

Good night and be good – be emotionally intelligent.


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